Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome to the New Website

Hello all... I have had the domain for years now, but just never really had a use for it. But lately I have noticed that more and more of us have blogs and it was hard to remember how to get to all our blogs. On the right side of this blog there are all the links to family members sites that I know of. If you know of any more then drop me an email (b r a n d o n @ b r a n d o n s h e p h e r d . c o m) and I will add them to this site.

Additionaly the time it took to get to all the blogs to see if there was anything new could be shortened by pulling the last 5 post titles onto this site. So this site can now be a quick view to see if there is anything new going on in the family. The last 5 posts from all our blogs are at the bottom of this page

Pass this site on to the rest of the family and link to it from your blog so everyone has access to it.